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My Comedy Characters

2023-08-31 23-21-34.png

This is normal and main character as Gay Ali Baba


This is called "Mr. Felix Fanny", he is the opposite of Gay Ali Baba, very dreamy, over-sensitive, touchy and so uptight, which is based on my when i was teenager and in my 20's, i am 43now.

2023-09-02 14-43-53.png

This is called "God's Hell fire" this character is based on m father's family, and it represents the Islamic opposition in my videos.

and this character is the sorts of Islamic people i grew up with in the middle east, and they are very popular in the middle east, this is not exaggeration or stereotype, and if you search for Arabic Islamic content on YouTube, you will see them everwhere

2023-08-29 02-15-05.png

This is "Aunty Burn" she is based in my mother, and she represents the feminist voice in my videos

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